Zero Concrete Resort

Champions Island is synonymous with nature and eco-friendly environs. Set amidst acres of lush green landscape, the resort is the epitome of pro-environment tourism that focuses on minimizing pollution-spreading substances. Everything at the resort has been built using sustainable materials, with concrete totally eliminated from the list.

No Concrete - No Pollution
No Concrete - No Pollution
An Icon of Eco-Friendly Tourism
An Icon of Eco-Friendly Tourism
We care for you & the Nature
We care for you & the Nature

Sustainable Structures

To manifest sustainable accommodations for guests, the spaces and structures have utilized the prefabricated construction technology, which uses Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) and Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) materials. As compared to conventional structures that require heavy use of concrete, the prefab construction produces minimum wastage, as most of the required materials for construction arrive on the site in preassembled condition. In addition, all prefabricated structures are manufactured in accordance to the specific design codes in conformance with the guidelines prescribed by concerned authorities, which ensure maximum health and safety for the guests.

Eco-friendly Retreat

The indulgent spaces at the resort offer an ideal blend of soothing, eco-luxury, and sustainable innovations. The design and aesthetics of the resort try to retain as much as possible of the existing landscape, which has been achieved through the use of prefabricated construction for the structures. The on-site work was minimal due to pre-assembling of the prefab structures at a distant site, which played a huge role in reducing the impact on the bio-sensitivity of the natural landscape. Moreover, the pre-fab structures are more ecologically resilient and energy-efficiency than conventional concrete buildings, and do not release harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. As such, the resort is able to deliver the best of luxury hospitality that is truly nature-friendly.

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